What should I wear?

Dress like you’re going tobogganing or skiing.  Wear multiple layers.  If you get warm you can always take something off.  This is a fully outdoor experience. Wear snow pants with a base layer, warm socks and snow boots  as well as warm mittens, tuque and jacket with a sweater and base layer underneath.  You can wear a scarf but be sure to keep it tucked in to your jacket or a dog’s claws might catch it.  Sunglasses or ski goggles will also prevent you from getting snow in your eyes.

What should I bring?

You can bring along a small camera but be sure to leave any backpacks and purses in your vehicle.  Dog sledding is an active sport that requires physical and mental concentration. ‘Extra things’ just get in the way.  If you have any personal medication please be sure to bring it along.  You can also bring some sunscreen. Snow does reflect UV. And it doesn’t hurt to throw an extra jacket in the car. Extended periods outdoors in the winter can get chilly.

Tell me about the dog teams

We can take out a maximum of  5 teams at a time and each team will have 4-5 dogs (depending on snow conditions). The dogs will run the fastest at the beginning and can reach speeds of 25km/hr.  After that they settle down to a comfortable pace of around 15-20km/hr. It’s loud when they stop, and quiet when they run. They love to run!

Why don’t your dogs look like the huskies I see in the movies?

Our dogs are a mix of German Pointer, Greyhound and Alaskan Husky.  This breed is known as the Eurohound.  They are faster at running shorter distances than the traditional Huskies.  When our racing dogs start to slow down they get transferred to the touring team.  So the dogs you will be using all used to be competitive racing dogs!

Is this a hands on experience or more of a ride?

Both actually. Everyone will learn to drive the sleds, handle and harness the dogs, and even help to pick up the dog ‘souvenirs’ if you like! Everything we ask you to do is beginner appropriate and we encourage you to participate to your comfort level. By the end of your experience you’ll be a genuine dog sledder!